“Pangea Global Services has set an ambitious goal to position itself as the ultimate hub for business growth and revenue acceleration for all clients by 2024. This vision is underpinned by the remarkable fact that the company maintains an outstanding client retention rate of 90%, a testament to the immense value clients place on its services. Pangea Global Services remains unwavering in its commitment to exceeding expectations and pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptional results for its valued clients.”

Prashant Pednekar

Founder and CEO, Pangea Global Services

Mr. Prashant Pednekar is a visionary entrepreneur who serves as the Founder & CEO of Pangea Global Services. Fueled by unwavering ambition and boundless optimism, he leads an enterprise dedicated to delivering high-quality services across various industry sectors. With more than two decades of experience in the IT and BFSI domains, Mr. Pednekar possesses a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, visionary leadership, team development, brand positioning, lead generation, international marketing, customer success strategy, and renewal planning. His tireless pursuit of excellence has elevated client relationships to new heights, as he anticipates their needs during critical growth phases. Mr. Pednekar’s indomitable spirit has been a driving force behind Pangea Global Services. remarkable success in the industry. Mr. Prashant Pednekar’s achievements are truly remarkable. In 2021, Forbes India recognized him as one of India’s Leading Entrepreneurs, a testament to his exceptional leadership. He humbly attributes this success to his dedicated team, whose unwavering support has been integral to the company’s scintillating growth story. Mr. Pednekar’s prowess in building and nurturing startups is widely acknowledged; he was named one of India’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs and the fastest-growing Indian CEO by The CEO Magazine in 2018. His remarkable accomplishments also include the Collebra Young Achiever Award in the Businessman Category for 2017 and the distinction of being listed as one of India’s top 10 research firms by Inside Success.